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Scleroderma Treatment Cost in India
What is Scleroderma? This is a rare chronic condition characterized by the skin that is thick. In acute cases, it affects the internal organs and blood vessels of the human body.   Causes of Scleroderma: Scleroderma results in the immune system attacking the tissue below the skin and around blood vessels and internal organs. This causes discoloration and thickening of the veins in the affected regions. Also, the Scleroderma treatment in India is affordable and best for patients planning to get treated at an affordable cost.   Types of Scleroderma: Localized Scleroderma: This is the gentle form of the illness and…
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    Signs & Symptoms of Scleroderma Treatment: Cardiovascular: Irregular heartbeat, Raynaud’s phenomenon, congestive heart failure, palpitations, and telangiectasis. Pulmonary: Abdominal pain, shortness of breath, dry persistent cough. Digestive: Bloating, indigestion, gastroesophageal reflux disorder, loss of desire, and sicca syndrome. Genitourinary: Kidney failure, scleroderma renal disasters, dyspareunia, and erectile dysfunction. Musculoskeletal: Carpal…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is the best candidate for BMT for Scleroderma?

    A: The patients that may benefit most from AHSCT are people using quick innovative and diffuse skin ailments, moderate preliminary organ damage, and persistently elevated levels of disease activity.


    Q: Can Be scleroderma hereditary?

    A: Scleroderma isn’t directly inherited but the study indicates that genetic predisposition is a risk factor for this illness. This means people who have a family history of rheumatic ailments may have marginally more odds of having scleroderma.


    Q: How severe can scleroderma become?

    A: Scleroderma is a chronic illness with a rather broad assortment of symptoms that vary from very mild to life-threatening. The intensity of this disease will depend on which parts of the body are affected and the amount of the harm. A moderate case can progressively be serious if not handled correctly or timely. Thus, it will become crucial that you search for a highly competent and proficient physician for the treatment and protect against the chance for irreversible harm.


    Q: Could scleroderma be transmitted from 1 individual to another?

    A: No, scleroderma isn’t contagious, infectious, or cancerous condition.

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