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Acromegaly Treatment Cost in India
Acromegaly is a hormonal condition that occurs when your pituitary gland releases excessive amounts of growth hormone in adulthood. When you have excessive growth hormone, your bones develop in size. This causes gigantism in children. In adulthood, however, there is no variation in height. Instead, the growth in bone size is limited to the bones of your hands, feet, and face, and is known as “Acromegaly in India”. When high levels of growth hormone are left untreated, it can impact other sections of the body in addition to your bones. This can result in serious, even life-threatening, health complications. However,…
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    How is the Treatment of Acromegaly in India Done? There are various Treatments Available for Acromegaly in India. Your medical professional will evaluate your symptoms and circumstances before recommending treatment alternatives that are appropriate for you. The most common Treatments Options for Acromegaly in India include surgery, medication, and radiation…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Is the Most Prevalent Acromegaly Treatment?

    A: Somatostatin analogues (SSAs) are the most commonly used medications to treat acromegaly. These medications inhibit the release of GH and may help to shrink the pituitary tumor. Several studies have proven that these medications are both safe and effective for long-term use.

    Q: What Is the First Acromegaly Treatment?

    A: Transsphenoidal pituitary surgery is usually the first-line treatment for acromegaly patients. Patients with larger and more invasive tumors (macroadenomas) are less likely to be in remission after surgery.

    Q: Which Doctors Treat Acromegaly?

    A: Acromegaly can be treated with hormone-suppressing medications or radiation to decrease a pituitary tumor, but surgery by neurosurgeons and otolaryngologists (ENT) is the first-line treatment. Acromegaly is usually cured by removing the pituitary tumor.

    Q: What Is Another Name for Acromegaly?

    A: Gigantism, also called pediatric acromegaly and pituitary gigantism, is a very rare condition that happens when a child or adolescent has high levels of growth hormone (GH) in their body, which causes them to grow very tall.

    Q: What Is the First Acromegaly Test?

    A: The initial step in diagnosing acromegaly is biochemical screening. To diagnose and rule out acromegaly, Endocrine Society guidelines and expert consensus propose utilizing age- and sex-adjusted IGF-1 values in conjunction with GH nadir during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT).

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