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Breast Reduction Surgery Cost in India
Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size that is more proportionate to your body and to relieve the discomfort associated with overly large breasts (macromastia). Breast reduction surgery in India is frequently performed to address medical issues; however, patients who do not have macromastia symptoms but are unhappy with the size of their breasts can still pursue breast reduction as an aesthetic procedure. The cost of breast reduction surgery in India is quite affordable. The patient has to stay 3 days in…
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How Breast Reduction Surgery Performed? Before the Surgery Before beginning breast reduction surgery, the surgeon evaluates the patient’s medical history, discusses the expected breast size, and explains the benefits and risks. In addition, the patient is required to undergo a series of lab tests, a baseline mammogram, refrain from aspirin,…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Symptoms of Enlarged Breasts?

A: The symptoms include:

  • Heavy, enlarged breasts 500 gm per breast
  • Breast sag and inducing distress to the head, shoulders, neck, and spine
  • Secondary Issues, such as poor blood flow, diminished breathing chafing of the skin of their torso, and the reduced breast
  • Indentations into the shoulders Because of the bra straps as well as also the improper fit of clothing 

Q: Why Is Breast Reduction Done?

A: Aim of breast reduction operation is a breast that’s proportionate to the female’s body, to make sure the operational sensitivity and lactational capacity of their breasts.

  • To alleviate distress when you’ve got big breasts because may cause neck and back pain skin discomfort, and pose issues. The continuous pull of heavy breasts can make bra straps depart painful indentations.
  • To accomplish a breast size to human anatomy.
  • Help enhance your self-image and self-confidence as big breasts although not in ratio could be awkward.

Q: Are the Outcomes of Breast Reduction Permanent?

A: The consequences of breast reduction operation are believed to be long-lasting. However, the breasts may become bigger or their form can change as a consequence of pregnancy, and weight fluctuations. You will have the ability to maintain your appearance if you maintain a healthy way of life and keep weight.

Q: What’s the Perfect Age for Breast Reduction Surgery?

A: You’ll have a breast reduction operation at any given age. But, it is generally better to wait until your breasts are fully developed and till pregnancy is not a problem. Changes to breast tissue during pregnancy can change your surgical outcomes. Breast-feeding may be challenging following a breast reduction operation.

Q: What Are the Contradictions to Breast Reduction Operation?

A: breast reduction surgery can’t be achieved:

  • when the girl is lactating or has recently ceased menstruating
  • when her breasts include unidentified micro-calcifications
  • when She’s suffering from a systemic disease
  • when She’s not emotionally fit to Comprehend the process and its own complications

Q: What Are Other Surgery Options Alongside Breast Reduction?

A: Various other choices are:

  • Breast reduction and breast lift- when done together with a breast lift can raise sagging or drooping breasts, and it can be a frequent issue with large, heavy breasts, and also can raise the nipple and areola.
  • Breast reduction and Surgery – In case the majority of the breast is fatty tissue and also when excess skin is not an issue, liposuction alone may be sufficient for breast reduction.

Q: What Are the Precautions After the Breast Reduction Process?

A: The following steps are:

  • You’ll have to restrict exercise to the first 2-6 weeks following a breast reduction.
  • Sleeping on your back for the first few weeks or longer after the operation.

Q: How Long Does the Procedure Take to Perform?

A: The process takes approximately 3-5 hours to carry out.

Q: What Would Be the Reason for Breast Augmentation?

A: Causes of breast enlargement are:

  • genetically predisposed during pre-puberty
  • develop postpartum
  • after gaining weight
  • at menopause
  • post–lumpectomy asymmetry

Q: Could the Breast Reduction Process Be Performed by Liposuction Alone?

A: The decrease in oversized breasts by liposuction only is signaled if a minor-to-moderate volume reduction is necessary, and there isn’t much breast ptosis to fix.

Q: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Liposuction for Breast Reduction?

A: Since the liposuction procedure entails just a few, little, surgical incisions, the healing interval is small, contributing to resuming daily life tasks at 14 to 28 days post-secondary.

The disadvantage of Weight Loss by liposuction is the fact that it cannot be achieved when excessive volume decrease is needed, whenever there is the existence of unneeded ptosis or inelastic skin.

Q: What Would Be the Outcomes of the Breast Reduction Process?

A: Powerful breast reduction operation promotes positive self-esteem And alleviates physical symptoms such as pain in your back, neck, and Shoulders the breast reduction process may make breastfeeding difficult or impossible later on.

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