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Cochlear Implantation Cost in India
Hearing aids usually raise the volume of sounds. Cochlear implants, in contrast to traditional hearing aids, stimulate the hearing nerve directly instead of traveling via the injured part of the ear. You can hear the discussion more easily as a result of the improved clarity of the noises. It can also help you enjoy a richer life, restore your social confidence, and reunite with friends and family. Before getting a Cochlear Implant in India, a patient must meet an ENT surgeon and an audiologist. The attending doctors won’t begin the procedure until all of the diagnoses have been made, after…
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    Prior to the Procedure: An exam of your external, middle, and inner ear to check for infections or other pathology Audiogram Hearing aid evaluation CT or MRI scans to check the inner ear and Auditory nerve. General exam and present and past medical history to check fitness Psychological exam to…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What exactly are noises?

    A: Sounds are imperceptible vibrations that travel through the Atmosphere in all directions called noise waves. All audio waves are distinct; they might be high pitched or low pitched, soft or loud.


    Q: What are the parts of the ear?

    A: The ear is composed of three Chief components:

    • Outer ear – grabs the waves and moves it into mid-ear
    • Middle ear — in the middle ear noise waves have been moved into the internal ear
    • Inner ear (cochlea) — transfers to sound signals which our brain can comprehend.


    Q: What are the various kinds of auditory apparatus?

    A: Below are various kinds of Auditory Apparatus:

    • Cochlear implants & cochlear implant technology
    • Bone conduction implants
    • Electro-acoustic implants
    • Smart Bimodal Solution
    • Hearing aids


    Q: What is a hearing aid?

    A: Which you wear in or on your ear. It aids in amplifying the sounds so making them more glowing. It contains three primary components: a microphone, amplifier, and speaker.


    Q: What’s the distinction between the hearing aid and Cochlear implant?

    A: Replaces the operation of the damaged inner ear to present sound signals to the mind. Hearing aids create noises louder or amplify the noise


    Q: When is the cochlear implant required?

    A: Cochlear implant is required when there is sensory neural hearing loss that is due to damage of hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea), a cochlear implant provides the sense of sound by stimulating the auditory nerve directly bypassing the damaged hair cells


    Q: What are the benefits of a rectal implant over hearing aids?

    A: Hearing is better using a cochlear implant compared to the hearing aid.

    • Can concentrate better if in noisy surroundings
    • Talk and hear on the telephone


    Q: What factors can affect the prognosis of a cochlear implant?

    A: The advantage of cochlear implants is frequently individualistically based upon:

    • How intense was that the hearing reduction
    • Duration of hearing loss before augmentation
    • Rehabilitation
    • Other related medical illness
    • Better prognosis is noticed while the era of this child is born or young deaf as aids in address development and speech development.


    Q: When should cochlear implants be used for children?

    A: Children as young as 14 months old have obtained Cochlear implants with great success rates.

    Cochlear implant effective in these children who:

    • Have profound hearing loss in both ears
    • Have had limited benefit from hearing aids
    • Are medically fit for surgery
    • Take an active part  in rehabilitation after surgery


    Q: What are the various parts of breast augmentation and how can it work?

    A: A cochlear implant has two main components:

    The external Component that hooks over the ear

    • Microphone- it picks up sound from the environment
    • Speech processor-selects and arranges the sound picked up by the microphone
    • Transmitter- which receives signals from the speech processor and converts them into electric impulses.

    An internal component  that is surgically implanted

    • Receiver- The receiver collects the signals from the transmitter and converts them to electrical pulses and  dispatches them to the electrodes
    • Electrode arrays.- This is a group of electrodes that collects the impulses and sends them to the auditory nerve.


    Q: Who creates part of this implant group?

    A: The augmentation group includes audiologists, speech-language Teachers, surgeons, health professionals, and advisers.


    Q: How can Audiologists assist in the augmentation procedure?

    A: Audiologists are included in discovering the Candidate for implantation, sparking, and programming of the language chip after an operation in addition to helping in rehab.


    Q: When can operate be resumed after the breast augmentation process?

    A: You are able to go back to work 1 to 2 weeks following the operation.


    Q: What’s the length of the cochlear implant operation?

    A: Cochlear Implant surgery usually takes from 3 to 4 hours.


    Q: Would we hear instantly after the cochlear implant operation?

    A: No the individual can’t hear immediately after operation Even though the internal elements are put, the surgical website should cure before the external apparatus is set.

    Approximately 4-6 months following surgery, the individual returns to the Centre to be matched together with the outside components –both the microphone and speech processor–and also to trigger and program the augmentation.


    Q: Can cochlear implants heal deafness?

    A: Cochlear implant Don’t cure deafness or hearing loss Handicap, but is a replacement that directly stimulates the cochlea and provides awareness of sound to an individual who has acute hearing loss.

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