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An irregularity of your outer ear is known as microtia. The condition might be anything from modest structural problems to having no external ears at all. Microtia is a congenital condition that affects certain individuals and may or may not be accompanied by hearing loss. 

Surgery and ear prosthetics are both accessible as treatments in India. Typically, a CT scan is used by medical professionals to diagnose microtia in order to provide a clear image of your baby’s ear. This examination aids them in their search for anomalies in their infant’s middle and inner ears.

In India, the cost of treating microtia is lower than in other developed nations like the US, America, the UK, Australia, etc. This success may be partially attributed to the competence of the plastic surgeons and the state-of-the-art medical equipment used at the finest Indian facilities, in addition to the fact that the facilities are excellent and have the best specialists. In addition to these advantages, India is very well-liked because of its low costs without lowering clinical standards.

What Is Microtia?

Microtia is a congenital malformation of the outer ear. The Latin terms “micro,” which means little, and “otia,” which denotes ear, are the roots of the word “microtia.”

Congenital refers to a condition that you are born with. From minor structural abnormalities to an entirely absent external ear, this anomaly can exist. It can also result in hearing issues and make it challenging to determine the direction of a sound when combined with a missing ear canal. Although it can happen in both ears, microtia often only affects one. During the first trimester of pregnancy, incorrect ear growth is frequently the cause.

Microtia Surgery Cost in India

Microtia Surgery cost in India starts from INR 2 lakh (2,400 USD). In comparison to other countries, the cost of Microtia Surgery in India is very low. Furthermore, the quality and standard of medical care and services are comparable to the best hospitals in the world.

The price of a medical package in India may differ based on several variables, including the type of therapy, the method employed, the hospital and location of choice, the doctor’s qualifications, and more. Numerous individuals from all over the world go to India for medical care for this reason, which is the main one.

Grades of Microtia

  • Grade 1: The primary sign of grade 1 microtia is an extremely tiny ear, sometimes with a constricted or absent ear canal.
  • Grade 2:The outer ear, often the top half, is abnormally formed in grade 2 microtia, and the ear canal is frequently restricted or absent.
  • Grade 3: The condition’s most typical manifestation is distinguished by a tiny, abnormally formed outer ear without an ear canal.
  • Grade 4: Grade 4 microtia, sometimes referred to as anotia, is when your infant is born without an ear and its canal.

How Is Microtia Diagnosed?

Your child’s doctor will request an examination with an ENT expert and hearing tests with a pediatric audiologist in order to assess the severity. Although this is often only done when a kid is older, a CAT scan can be used to determine the severity of your child’s microtia.

Your kid’s hearing loss will be assessed by an audiologist, and an ENT will determine whether or not your youngster has an ear canal. Your child’s ENT will also be able to provide you with advice on your alternatives for reconstructive surgery or hearing aids. A physician may occasionally do a CT scan as an imaging test to obtain a thorough image of your baby’s ear. They can use this test to check your baby’s middle and inner ears for anomalies. Your child’s physician will also want to rule out other diagnoses because microtia can coexist with other genetic disorders or congenital abnormalities. To assess the development of your child’s kidneys, the doctor could advise an ultrasound. If your child’s doctor feels that other genetic abnormalities are at work, you may be referred to a genetic expert.

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What Are the Treatments Options for Microtia Surgery?

Some families decide against surgical intervention. Reconstructive surgery on the ear canal cannot be performed on a newborn. Waiting till your child is older is an option if you feel uneasy about surgical alternatives. Older children often have easier microtia surgeries because there is more cartilage available for grafting.

Some infants born with microtia may be able to utilize non-surgical hearing aids. Your kid may be a candidate for this kind of device, depending on the severity of their microtia, especially if they are too young for surgery or if you are delaying it. If an ear canal exists, hearing aids may also be utilized.

Medpor Graft Surgery

Instead of rib cartilage, a synthetic substance is implanted during this kind of repair. It often only requires one treatment and covers the implant material with scalp tissue. This treatment is safe for kids as young as three. However, because the implant is not integrated into the surrounding tissue, there is a greater risk of infection and implant loss from stress or injury. Some pediatric surgeons will not recommend or carry out the Medpor implant treatment since it is not yet known how long they will endure.

Prosthetic External Ear

Prosthetics can be worn with an adhesive or with a surgically implanted anchor system, and they can seem quite natural. Anchoring implants are a simple surgery with a brief recovery period. Children who have not been able to undergo reconstruction or for whom repair was unsuccessful might consider prosthetics. However, some people find the concept of a removable prosthesis to be challenging. Medical-grade adhesives may cause skin irritation in certain people. The chance of a skin infection in your child is also increased by surgically placed anchor systems. Prosthetics do occasionally need to be changed, as well.

Rib Cartilage Graft Surgery

If you decide to have your child get a rib graft, they will go through two to four surgeries spread out over a few months to a year. Your child’s chest rib cartilage is taken out and utilized to fashion an ear. The device is then inserted beneath the skin at the location where the ear would have been. Additional procedures and skin grafts may be carried out to properly position the ear when the new cartilage has fully absorbed into the spot. Children between the ages of 8 and 10 are advised to have rib transplant surgery. Strong and long-lasting is rib cartilage. Additionally, it is less probable that your child’s own tissue would be rejected as implant material. Pain and potential scarring at the graft site are drawbacks of the procedure. Additionally, the implant’s rib cartilage will feel more rigid and hard than ear cartilage.

How to Choose a Hospital In India For Microtia Surgery?

Microtia Surgery treatment hospitals are well-known for their hospitality and patient care services. The best ENT  surgeons in India at these hospitals are specialists in their fields. However, choosing a suitable hospital for treatment can be difficult for an international patient. It is a significant decision that must be made with several factors in mind, including:

  • Quality certificates and accreditations
  • Hospital and transportation facility location
  • Team of doctors and surgeons
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • International patient assistance

How Can Medsurge India Help?

Medsurge India is a prestigious support system for patients looking for doctors, hospitals, and specialized treatments. We’ll find the most suitable medical options for you. Regarding your medical issues, our team will give you a list of certified, reputable, and trusted doctors and hospitals. Additionally, we offer a treatment strategy that fits your budget. Apart, we assist patients with obtaining travel authorizations, medical visas, and a multitude of other things.

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Microtia Affect Hearing Ability?

A1: People who have microtia may experience some hearing loss in the ear that is affected, especially if the middle ear or the ear canal is not developing properly. However, even if your ear canal is fully closed, the components in your inner ear could still be able to carry sound.

Q2: at What Age May Microtia Surgery Be Performed?

A2: As the procedure cannot be performed unless the youngster has developed enough rib cartilage, the patient must be at least 8 years old to undergo it.

Q3: Can Microtia Be Inherited?

A3: The ear defects anotia and microtia are present from birth. Anotia is the entire absence of the external ear, which is the visible portion of the ear. Microtia is characterized by a tiny, improperly shaped external ear. Normally, anotia and microtia occur in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Q4: Does Microtia Lasts a Lifetime?

A4: When the microscopic hairs that transmit sound from the inner ear to the brain are destroyed, this can occur. Typically, this kind of hearing loss is irreversible.

Q5: What Is the Purpose of Microtia Treatment?

A5: Outer ear reconstruction for microtia therapy aims to create a symmetric, durable, and aesthetically acceptable ear in order to balance facial features. Rib cartilage is used to form an ear framework in the more traditional approach of ear restoration.

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