Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost in India

Gastric Bypass surgery

In Gastric Bypass Surgery, the stomach is divided into a small upper pouch and a much larger lower pouch, and the small intestine is rearranged to connect the pouches. Many different gastric bypass procedures (GBP) have been developed by surgeons to reconnect the intestine. An increase in GBP will result in a significant reduction in the stomach’s functional volume, as well as an altered physiological and physical response to food.

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Costs in India range from USD 6,000 to USD 7,000.
  • The success rate for Gastric Bypass Weight-Loss Surgery is 95% and continues to improve.
  • A hospital stay is around 3 days and 7 days outside the hospital.
  • Tests required before undergoing the surgery are a complete Blood Count, Chest X-Ray, Electrocardiogram, Urinalysis, and a Chemistry Panel.
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Costs in India is affordable and quality-oriented. For the last few years, India has become a demanding destination for various cosmetic treatments and gastric bypass remains one of the top treatments.


Suitable Candidates for Gastric Bypass Surgery

  1. If you have a body mass index higher than 35.
  2. If you are suffering from other complications like diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and so on.
  3. In case your weight is increasing steadily causing other metabolic disorders.
  4. If you are gaining weight even after a restrictive diet.


Medical Tests / Diagnosis for Gastric Bypass Surgery

  1. A Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  2. Urinalysis and a Chemistry Panel
  3. Chest X-Ray and Electrocardiogram


Some Surgeons may also ask you to get the following tests on the basis of your medical history:

  1. Gallbladder Ultrasound to Look for Gallstones
  2. Pulmonary Function Test
  3. Echocardiogram
  4. GI Evaluation
  5. Cardiology Evaluation
  6. Psychiatric Evaluation
  7. Sleep Study Test





The patient undergoes various surgical steps as mentioned below:

  1. The patient is put under general anesthesia.
  2. For laparoscopic surgery, only 5-6 small incisions will be made and in case of open surgery, the doctor will make a surgical cut to open your stomach.
  3. Gastric Bypass Surgery can be broadly divided into two parts.
  4. First, the surgeon will divide your stomach into two parts
  5. The larger part of your stomach will be stapled out and only a small portion of the stomach in form of a     pouch will be left for use.
  6. The pouch is usually kept very small so that the patients can only consume very small quantities of food and hence the calories intake reduces considerably.
  7. Losing weight through this method becomes easier for the patients as they will start feeling fuller even after eating small portions of food. The urge to eat will also go down significantly.
  8. The second part of the procedure is bypassing where the surgeon will divide the lower part of the small intestine and join it with a hole made in the pouch.
  9. Now the food will go directly to the small intestine.
  10. It will create a Y section of your small intestine and the food will not pass through the complete digestive system resulting in lower consumption of calories making weight loss faster.
  11. The deficiency of nutrients, vitamins, and other minerals is later on supplemented by added intake and hence you can lead a healthy life and lose weight rapidly.
  12. Being a ‘malabsorptive’ procedure it decreases the patient’s craving for food and the patient’s body will also not be able to absorb all the calories from the food adding up to the weight making the procedure a great success.
  13. The patients are discharged within 2-3 days of the surgery.
  14. Complete recovery takes a complete week after surgery.
  15. Within a month the patient can resume normal life activities in case of laparoscopic surgeries and if the patient had open surgery then the recuperating time may increase up to 12 weeks.

After the procedure

In the case of gastric bypass, the hospital stay is short, ranging from 2-4 days, and the full recovery can take 1-3 months depending on the type of surgery performed, i.e. laparoscopic or open surgery.

The patient is initially kept on a liquid diet and transported through a period of time to solid foods. For rapid weight loss, the procedure is very safe and efficient as the ability of the body to consume calories and nutrients from food is significantly reduced.

Nearly all types of foods are well tolerated by the patients undergoing this procedure, but the patient should always stay away from sweets as it can cause dumping syndrome, meaning that if they eat too many sweets, patients can get diarrhea, dizziness, lightheadedness, and so on.

Factors Affecting Cost of Gastric Bypass Treatment

  1. The Kind of hospital you opt for
  2. Room –Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service)
  3. Operating room, ICU
  4. Fee for the team of doctors (Surgeons, Anesthetist, Physiotherapist, Dietician)
  5. Medicines
  6. Standard test and diagnostic procedures
  7. Type of Gastric Bypass Surgery Performed i.e. Laparoscopic or open surgery
The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In India, what is the cost of gastric sleeve surgery?

A: In India, the approximate cost of gastric sleeve surgery lies between USD 6000-7000. Other factors, such as the days needed for treatment, the number of people traveling, the type of hospital chosen, and more, which affect it.


Q: How long will I be able to return to work after that?

A: After a gastric bypass, the standard rest period is normally 3-5 weeks, but if the patient has an open surgery, this time increases as the wounds require time to recover and you will need to rest for up to 12 weeks. The patients get well adjusted to their diet and the changes in their anatomy in 3-4 months and thus continue to lead a regular healthy life.


Q: Diabetic, I am. May I go and have this surgery?

A: As the risks of infection increase, diabetes puts every form of surgery at risk. The doctors will still ensure, however, that you are well prepared to go for the surgery and only then will it be done. Gastric bypass has a very positive impact on diabetic patients as the patients have felt tremendous relief from this issue in more than 85 percent of cases, so if you are suffering from diabetes, you must consider this surgery on the advice of your doctor.


Q: After the surgery, will I be able to get pregnant?

A: This operation would have no detrimental impact on your ability to conceive, on the contrary, of losing excess weight after the surgery and increasing your ability to get pregnant by metabolic activities.


Q: Will I have to take a supplement of vitamins and minerals after the operation?

A: Gastric bypass is a malabsorptive surgery that suggests that the body does not fully absorb the nutrients from food such as minerals, vitamins, etc. and hence you can feel the deficiency. But, with the aid of supplements, the doctors will supplement that and you will therefore face no problem from that side. To assess any such deficiency, you will need to go through annual screening so that the levels of the supplements can be changed.


Q: Will it become mandatory to eat and exercise after surgery?

A: All of the bariatric surgeries are paving the way for wellbeing. Via dieting and exercise that you didn’t get earlier, they help you maintain good health and fitness and it is therefore crucial that patients take them as a gift and always adopt a healthy diet and exercise regimen for long-term weight loss results.

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