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Hepatectomy Surgery Cost in India
A hepatectomy, (also known as liver resection or liver removal, is a surgical procedure in which the complete or a portion of the liver is removed. Partial hepatectomy procedures are frequently used to eliminate abnormal liver growth. Hepatectomy involves placing the patient under general anesthesia, making an incision to access the liver (often below the ribs), and then removing the abnormal growths. Either open surgery or laparoscopic surgery can be used to carry out the procedure. In hepatectomy surgery in India, to determine if a patient is a candidate for a partial hepatectomy, the doctor takes into account a number…
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    How Hepatectomy Surgery is Performed? Before the Surgery The most effective course of treatment for your ailment will be decided by your healthcare professional. This might depend on: If you are in good enough health to have surgery. Whether the liver lesion you have is surgically treatable. Whether you have…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How Long Does Hepatectomy Surgery Take?

    A: Three to seven small incisions may be used to remove the liver tumor after the general anesthesia has put the patient to sleep. The operation can take anywhere from one to seven hours, depending on the quantity and locations of the lesions, as well as how much liver needs to be removed.

    Q: How Long Does Partial Hepatectomy Take?

    A: Once the diseased portion is removed from the rest of the liver, a small bag is inserted through the ports to remove it. The surgery can take anywhere between two and four hours.

    Q: Does the Liver Grow Back After Partial Removal?

    A: A liver resection occurs when a portion of the liver is removed during surgery. Up to two-thirds of the liver can be removed without harming the body. The liver can regenerate itself as well. The remaining portion of your liver will have regrown to about normal size three months after your operation.

    Q: Can You Survive Without a Portion of Your Liver?

    A: Although you can’t survive without a liver entirely, you can survive without all of it. A lot of people can still operate normally with only around half of their liver. Additionally, your liver might recover its original size in a couple of months.

    Q: What Causes Tumors on the Liver?

    A: Hepatocellular carcinoma, also known as primary liver cancer, most frequently develops in the livers of people who have had cirrhosis, hepatitis B or C, hemochromatosis (a hereditary condition characterized by an excess of iron in the liver), or who have consumed alcohol excessively.

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