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Multiple Myeloma Treatment Cost in Turkey
Multiple myeloma is cancer that affects plasma cells, which are white blood cells. When B-type lymphocytes react to an infection, they mature and transform into plasma cells. These plasma cells aid in infection resistance by producing antibodies that recognize and attack invading microbes. When a plasma cell becomes cancerous, it produces an abnormal protein known by a variety of names, including monoclonal immunoglobulin, monoclonal protein, spike, or para protein. There are several options for Multiple Myeloma Treatment in Turkey, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, target drug therapy, and stem cell transplant.  When compared to countries such as the United…
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    What Are the Treatment Options for Multiple Myeloma in Turkey? Multiple myeloma is treated by healthcare providers based on your symptoms and the severity of your disease. People with MGUS, for example, usually do not require treatment, but their healthcare provider will closely monitor their overall health. They may also…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What Exactly Causes Multiple Myeloma?

    A: It is unknown what causes myeloma. Myeloma is known to start with one abnormal plasma cell in your bone marrow — the soft, blood-producing tissue that fills the center of the majority of your bones. The abnormal cell proliferates rapidly.

    Q: What Is the Most Common First Symptom of Multiple Myeloma?

    A: Multiple myeloma causes a variety of symptoms, the most common of which is bone pain. Other symptoms include arm and leg weakness and/or a numb sensation in your arms and legs. Multiple myeloma can cause the bones in your spine to collapse and press against your spinal cord.

    Q: What Is the Severity of Multiple Myeloma?

    A: Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer also known as Kahler’s disease. There is no cure, but treatments can slow its spread and, in some cases, eliminate symptoms. A plasma cell is a type of white blood cell that produces antibodies that help your body fight infections.

    Q: How Do You Feel About Multiple Myeloma?

    A: Multiple myeloma can cause pain in the affected bones, which are typically the back, ribs, or hips. The pain is frequently a dull ache that is exacerbated by movement.

    Q: Is Myeloma Considered a Terminal Disease?

    A: Although multiple myeloma cannot be cured, patients can live with it for years. Recent advancements in treatment have transformed it into a chronic, long-term illness that can be managed with proper care.

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