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Robotic Surgery, also known as robot-assisted surgery, facilitates doctors to perform a wide range of complex procedures with a higher level of precision, flexibility, and control than traditional techniques. Robotic surgery is frequently associated with minimally invasive surgery, which is performed through small incisions. It is also used in some traditional open surgical procedures.

The use of a robotic surgical system to perform surgeries on patients is known as Robotic Surgery in India. Similar to surgery that is minimally invasive, can be performed individually or in combination with common open surgical procedures, depending on the situation.

The Cost of Robotic Surgery in India starts from USD 3700. However, the cost of robotic surgery in India is determined by a variety of factors, including hospital, type of surgery, room selection, and insurance for cashless benefits. Also the treatment cost plan of robotic surgery in India is quite affordable than other developed countries around the globe.

What Is Robotic Surgery in India?

Robot Surgery in India makes use of advanced technology of robotics that increases the skills of your surgeon’s hands. It allows surgeons to execute surgeries in difficult-to-reach regions using small incisions. The specialized technology also allows for accurate motions and increased magnification.

The technology consists of:

  • Surgical arms with microscopic instruments at the tips.
  • A special camera gives enlarged 3D views of the surgery region.
  • The surgical console is where the surgeon directs the movement of the instrument and camera.

This treatment is carried out by a surgeon who has received training in robotic-assisted surgery. Some surgeons pursue formal training through fellowships in minimally invasive and Robotic Surgery in India.

Robotic Surgery Cost in India

Affordable Robotic Surgery Cost in India starts from INR 4,58,000 (5,500 USD). When compared to the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries, the cost of robotic surgery in India is significantly cheaper. 

  • However, the Robotic Knee Replacement Cost in India starts from 6500 USD. 
  • Also, the Robotic Knee Replacement Cost in Mumbai starts from 7000 USD. 

The following factors, among others, influence the cost of robotic surgery in India:

  • The admission fees
  • Doctor’s Charge
  • The patient’s age
  • Robotic Surgery Types
  • The patient’s medical condition
  • Complications that occur after surgery
  • Type of room chosen by patients
  • Other lab or examination tests, such as X-rays, ECGs, and so on.

Various best robotic surgeons in India are extremely skilled and trained to perform robotic surgery with extreme precision. They treat patients with dignity and respect, ensuring a successful outcome. Many experts work in the best robotic surgery hospitals in India with advanced infrastructure.

Why Is Robotic Surgery in India Preferred over Traditional Surgery?

Surgeons who make use of the robotic system claim that it improves precision, flexibility, and control during the operation, as well as allowing them to see the site more clearly than traditional techniques. Surgeons can use robotic surgery to do delicate and complex surgeries that would be difficult or impossible to accomplish using other methods.

Robotic surgery in India frequently allows for minimally invasive surgery. The following are some of the advantages of minimally invasive surgery in India:

  • There will be fewer complications, such as surgery site infection.
  • Pain and blood loss are reduced.
  • Shorter hospital stay and faster recovery
  • Scars that are smaller and less apparent

The strategies used by your surgeon to perform your operation are similar to open surgery. The most important variation is how your surgeon accesses the surgery site.

Your surgeon will make small incisions rather than huge ones. Another difference is that surgical instruments require a smaller space to function. This reduces the need to move your muscular tissue and organs.

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How Many Types of Robotic Procedures in India are Currently Available

Many procedures can benefit from robotic surgery. Urologists, gynecologic surgeons, general surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, and colorectal surgeons routinely use it.

Types of robotic suregry

Following  types of robotic procedures in India are currently available:

  • Heart Surgery: Repair of an atrial septal defect, Removal of a cardiac tumor, Mitral valve replacement, Repair of a patent foramen ovale, Repair of the tricuspid valve.
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery: Colectomy, Proctectomy, Gastrectomy, Pancreatectomy, Gastric bypass surgery.
  • General Surgery: Appendectomy, Removal of the gallbladder, Repair of a hernia.
  • Gynecologic Surgery: Hysterectomy, endometriosis resection. Repair of a pelvic organ prolapse.
  • Urologic Surgery: Cystectomy, Partial nephrectomy, Radical prostatectomy, Sural nerve graft.

How Robotic Surgery in India is Performed

  • To begin, your surgeon will make one or more very small incisions.
  • Your surgeon will place ports (thin tubes) through these incisions. 
  • These ports are connected to the robot, and instruments are then passed through them.
  • One of the ports is used to insert a long, thin camera (endoscope). During the surgery, the camera captures high-definition 3D images.
  • Surgical instruments are introduced through the other ports, allowing the surgeon to do the surgery.
  • While seated at a console a few feet away, your surgeon controls the robotic arm.
  • An assistant remains nearby to assist the surgeon by changing instruments as needed.

What Are the Advantages of Robotic Surgery in India

One of the major advantages is that it allows for surgery through a smaller amount of incisions.

Another advantage of robotic surgery in India are following:

  • Greater Precision
  • Better Visualization
  • Ability to do surgery inside the body

You may encounter the following benefits during robot-assisted surgery in India:

  • Less pain during recovery.
  • Reduced infection risk.
  • Less Blood loss.
  • Shorter hospital stays.
  • Scars that are smaller.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is the Purpose of Robotic Surgery?

A: Robotic surgery, also known as robot-assisted surgery, enables doctors to conduct a wide range of complex procedures with greater precision, flexibility, and control than traditional techniques. Robotic surgery is commonly connected with minimally invasive surgery, which is performed through small incisions.

Q: Is Robotic Surgery a Painful Procedure?

A: Robotic operations, and minimally invasive surgeries in general, use smaller incisions than traditional “open” surgeries, resulting in less blood loss and shorter postoperative recovery times. Compared to traditional “open incision” surgeries, patients often experience substantially less discomfort and blood loss.

Q: How Many Holes Are There in Robotic Surgery?

A: Unlike traditional open surgery, laparoscopic and robotic surgery involve only four to five small, button-hole incisions through which a physician removes the prostate using a powerful, high-precision endoscope – a tiny camera – and specialized surgical instruments.

Q: How Long Does Robotic Surgery Take?

A: General anesthesia with a breathing tube is always required for laparoscopic and robotic surgery. For the same hernia, laparoscopic surgery could take 1.5 to 2 hours. It takes 2 to 3 hours for a robotic repair of the same hernia. These times, of course, vary depending on the surgeon and the complexity of the operation.

Q: Is Robotic Surgery a Better Option?

A: While robotic surgery can minimize discomfort and recovery time while giving surgeons more or greater control, it is not appropriate for everyone. Simply simply, each surgical method has a purpose. In some circumstances, open surgery allows surgeons better access to the surgical site.

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