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Exostosis Treatment Cost in India
The exostosis treatment cost in India is around 70 to 80 percent low as the treatment cost is charged in western countries. The cost of care varies from case to case and a specialist examination is recommended to assess the appropriate treatment procedure/approach. The cost & quality of care, including the treatment process, the room category, and many other factors, are also influenced by several external factors. More about Esostosis Treatment in India It is difficult to determine the cost of exostosis treatment in India, especially considering the fact that it is a complex procedure. Furthermore, the degree of the…
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    Types of Exostosis The most popular forms of exostosis are the following: Ear of surfer: A bony growth within the ear canal is known as the ear of the surfer. The surfer’s ear is a common symptom of diminished hearing or hearing loss. This disease raises the risk of an…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long do I need to stay in a canaloplasty exostosis hospital (drilling out the surfer’s ear)?

    A: On an outpatient basis, this procedure is done, which ensures that the patient will go home the same day after the operation. Patients may have to remain overnight in some situations. The surgery takes 1-3 hours, and before discharge, the patient is held in the recovery room for some time.

    Q: After getting Surfer’s Ear surgery, when will I resume work?

    A: Patients are told only after two weeks post-surgery to rest and resume work.

    Q: How long does it take for the surfer’s ear to completely heal after surgery for exostosis?

    A: It may take approximately a month to completely recover after the surgery. During this time span, it is important to take proper care of the ear and prevent water from entering the ear canal, thus preventing swimming or surfing.

    Q: After an osteochondroma operation, would the child be able to resume normal activities?

    A: Following their osteochondroma operation, most kids will resume regular activities. In cases where bone growth occurs on a weight-bearing bone, the doctor may recommend that the child perform some minimal exercise or use crutches for a short period of time in order to allow proper healing.

    Q: When is surgery prescribed in children for osteochondromas?

    A: Surgery is commonly a treatment choice when the osteochondroma of the child develops the following complications that do not improve with non-surgical methods:

    • The Pain
    • Limiting the motion of a joint
    • Development Affecting
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