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Parathyroid Cancer Treatment Cost in India
Among the rarest cancer, Parathyroid cancer occurs in the parathyroid gland and is presented as malignant growth. Also, it is most common in adults of middle age. The parathyroid gland is located in the neck region and its major function is to release parathyroid hormone and regulate calcium levels in the blood.   Parathyroid cancer could occur in any parathyroid gland that is tiny glands, four in number, attached to the thyroid gland and located in the neck region. Moreover, this cancer could be a Benign non-cancerous tumor ( Parathyroid adenoma) or Malignant( Cancerous or abnormal growth) in the parathyroid gland. …
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    Once the diagnosis is done by doing a physical examination, taking a medical history, serum tests, radiographic examination, your overall health, and in a few cases biopsy the stage and type of parathyroid cancer are identified.  The healthcare team thus plans your treatment line depending on the above-mentioned factors.  Local…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Does parathyroid cancer show recurrence?

    After treatment also, there are chances of recurrence of parathyroid cancer, and =recovery is not always possible. Contact your healthcare specialist once you feel your tumor is showing recurrence post-treatment. Regular serum calcium level investigations are important to keep a check on the recurrence of cancer.

    Relation between parathyroid adenoma and hyperparathyroidism?

    When benign tumor growth called parathyroid adenoma develops in the parathyroid gland it could develop Hyperparathyroidism. Parathyroid cancer rarely develops hyperthyroidism.

    What is the frequency of parathyroid cancer?

    Parathyroid cancer is rarest and its incidence is only 1 percent among the people of middle age that could either be men or women. It could be seen among patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. 

    What are the functions of the thyroid and parathyroid gland?

    The major function of the thyroid gland is to regulate body energy thus maintaining the metabolism of the body and the major function of the parathyroid gland is to maintain calcium levels in the blood. Although the parathyroid and thyroid gland are located close to each other they have no related role together.

    What is the survival rate with parathyroid cancer?

    The survival rate with parathyroid cancer most of the time is 5 years however it completely depends on an individual patient according to their overall health and recovery status.

    Is parathyroid cancer curable?

    Parathyroid cancer is the rarest cancer. With treatment it cures but if the tumor shows recurrence it is difficult to cure it completely.

    Does the scar form after parathyroid surgery goes away?

    The scar usually fades with time and becomes less visible but otherwise, it is permanent.

    Can I start my daily activities post-surgery?

    Post-surgery after 3-4 days you could resume your daily activities slowly. Light exercise, normal daily activities should be resumed slowly for a speedy recovery.

    When can I eat or drink post-surgery?

    You may start eating or drinking after 2 hours post-surgery. It is advised to take light meals and avoid heavy meals immediately after surgery. You might experience some pain or discomfort post-surgery during swallowing. 

    Can I start working post-surgery?

    Yes, you could resume your work post-surgery. It completely depends on the personal recovery you feel post-surgery.

    Is parathyroid surgery major or minor surgery?

    Parathyroid surgery is minimally invasive surgery it is not major surgery. You are discharged from the hospital within 2 days and based on the recovery process. There is minimal discomfort or pain in swallowing post-surgery that goes away few days. 

    What is the recovery look like?

    Parathyroid surgery is minimally invasive surgery with pain or discomfort for 3- 4 days in swallowing, eating, and drinking. The recovery is quick and most of the patients recover well and show speedy recovery by following their doctor’s advice and regular follow-up. 

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