Thyroidectomy Surgery Cost in India

thyroidectomy surgery cost in india

Thyroidectomy operation or Thyroidectomy is a surgical procedure to remove all or any portion of the thyroid gland. Normally, a thyroid operation is completed because of the presence of nodules or tumors in the thyroid gland. Many tumors are benign, but a few may be cancerous or precancerous.

Thyroidectomy is performed in case benign nodules grow large enough to block the throat and stimulate the thyroid gland to overproduce hormones (Hyperthyroidism). Furthermore, if the swelling or enlargement of the thyroid glands induces Goiter which interrupts the throat impair the capability to talk, breathe, and eat.

The quantity of thyroid gland removed is determined by the reason for the operation. There are three Kinds of thyroidectomy:

Lobectomy — whenever there’s a nodule that’s inflamed, or bloated in just half of the gland, just one of the two lobes is eliminated with the residual lobe keeping its usual function.

Partial thyroidectomy — just part is eliminated as a result of hypothyroidism (when the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones) and the rest of the thyroid can operate normally again following the operation.

Complete thyroidectomy — complete removal of the thyroid because of cancer or the whole gland is swollen or inflamed that needs daily therapy to replace the operation of the thyroid gland via hormone replacement.

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland that’s located just beneath the voice box, in the base of the throat. Small as it might be, it controls hormone generation regulating our metabolism, heart rate as well as the rate of calories burned off.

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Indications of Thyroidectomy

  • Thyroid Cancer–which is the most typical cause for thyroidectomy, either partial or whole thyroidectomy is performed.
  • Overactive Thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) — if the hormone thyroxine is overproduced, Hyperthyroidism happens. Thyroidectomy may be resorted to in case you’ve got a response to anti-thyroid medication and preferred to not have radioactive iodine treatment.
  • Noncancerous enlargement of the thyroid (Goitre) — when the Goitre is big enough that it impacts your own eating, breathing, talking, and distress or it triggers Hyperthyroidism.

 Diagnosis and Tests

  • Physical examination of the neck region
  • Blood tests
  • Sonograms
  • CT Scan
  • Biopsy

 Types of Thyroidectomy Surgery

  • Conventional Thyroidectomy – an incision in the center of the neck to connect directly to the thyroid gland.
  • Endoscopic Thyroidectomy – making smaller incisions on the neck, the surgeon uses surgical instruments and a camera inserted inside to guide through the procedure.
  • Robotic Thyroidectomy – to avoid incision in the center of the neck, this approach makes incisions through the armpit and chest or an incision high in the neck.

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Thyroidectomy Surgery Cost in India

USD 1,700

( Indian Rupees approx. 1,22,400 )



Before Surgery:

  • Your physician will physically inspect the affected area.
  • Get diagnostic evaluations indicated by your physician.
  • Inform your doctor of your medical history and current medications if any combined with allergies.
  • Your physician will discuss the best solution for you after all the needful has been all done.
  • In case you’ve Hyperthyroidism, then you might be given some drugs like potassium and potassium solution to regulate your thyroid function and lessen the chance of bleeding.
  • You might be requested to stop certain medicines when you’ve been taking them such as blood thinners, herbal nutritional supplements.
  • You’ll be asked to quickly 8 — 12 hours before the operation.
  • Be certain that you don’t wear any jewelry, make-up, or contact lenses through surgery.
  • Medications given before operation ought to be taken with small sips of water.

During Surgery:

  • You will be given general anesthesia, then collapse into a profound sleep and feel no pain.
  • Your blood pressure and heart rate will be monitored throughout the operation.
  • It requires about two or three hours to perform this surgery.
  • The surgeon makes a small incision or some of them on the neck depending on the reason of the operation.
  • The surgeon then removes part or all of the thyroid gland.
  • Your lymph nodes around the thyroid are also analyzed and removed if necessary.
  • The incisions are closed and dressing is implemented.

After Surgery:

  • A drain could be held beneath the incision on your neck and possibly removed a day later.
  • You will experience neck pain, either temporary sore throat or hoarse voice, and pain medicine can be administered as required.
  • You will remain in the hospital for a night or longer based upon your recovery.
  • You’ll be provided education on self-care and follow-up.
  • You’ll have the ability to resume regular activities after 10 times without stressing yourself a lot.
  • When there’s partial thyroidectomy, then you might be awarded thyroid hormone replacement medication.
  • In case a whole thyroidectomy is completed, you might want to take thyroid hormones to get a replacement for the remainder of your life.
  • In the event that you developed Hypothyroidism, then your health care provider will provide you with drugs to balance your hormone levels.

Risks and Complications

Though Thyroidectomy is a secure operation, as with any process, it’s not without dangers. Certain complications which could happen are:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Hypoparathyroidism due to damage of four glands leading to low calcium levels and increased amount of phosphorus in the bloodstream
  • Permanent hoarse or weak voice due to never damage
  • Obstruction of airway due to bleeding

Factors affecting the cost of Thyroidectomy Surgery

The expense of a Thyroidectomy operation begins from the US $1800. However, the cost may vary based on factors such as:

  • Location of the hospital
  • Choice of hospital
  • Cost of diagnostic tests
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Medical treatment
  • Duration of hospital stay

Factors affecting the price of AICD implantation:

The price to the individual Is Dependent upon a number of variables such as:

  1. The hospital, the individual selects
  2. Price of this unit
  3. Room –Standard single room, deluxe room, super living room for the number of nights defined (such as nursing charge, meals, room rate, and room service)
  4. The fee to your group of physicians
  5. Medicines
  6. Regular test and diagnostic processes
  7. The price of the follow-up care needed after the procedure.

Reach out to our healthcare experts for the best and most affordable Thyroidectomy Surgery cost in India. And if you want to know more ways to prevent Thyroid Disease then do check out the health benefits of Turmeric and how its consumption of it is really beneficial for one’s health.

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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all nodules or tumors found in the thyroid gland cancerous?

A: Not all nodules or tumors are found to be cancerous. Some might be modest and benign, while others may be cancerous or have a prospect of turning cancerous.


Q: Why do I need a Thyroidectomy?

A: If evaluations imply you are afflicted with gastrointestinal cancer, Hyperthyroidism, or even Goitre, you might require the surgery.


Q: Would all of my thyroid glands be removed?

A: This is dependent upon your problem. The surgeon can work Lobectomy, partial Thyroidectomy, or whole Thyroidectomy.


Q: Which type of surgery would best suit me?

A:  This will depend on your condition and treatment available at the clinic of your choice.


Q: How long will the surgery last?

A: Surgery may last about two hours or longer.


Q: Will it be painful?

A: You will be given general anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain. But after surgery, you might experience pain in the throat region, hoarse voice, or any distress that’s temporary. Pain medications can also be available if desired.


Q: How long will I stay in the hospital?

A: Usually, you may need to stay overnight but depending on your recovery, it may need more.


Q: Will I lose my voice after surgery?

A: Thyroidectomy is usually a safe procedure. Because of nerve damage, there is a 1 percent likelihood of permanent hoarseness and 5 percent likelihood of temporary hoarseness that could last up to 6 weeks.


Q: Will I be on hormone medications after surgery?

A: Yes, based on the kind of operation, your physician will set you on drugs to substitute or balance your hormone levels. This may be temporary or permanent.


Q:  When will I have a post-surgery follow up?

A: Based upon your physician, it might take 2 — 4 months following the operation.

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