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Kyphosis Surgery Cost in India
Patients whose curvatures continue to worsen and non-operative treatments do not reduce discomfort or symptoms may benefit from kyphosis correction surgery. Pain relievers, physiotherapy, and braces are examples of non-operative treatments. Kyphosis is most commonly found in the thoracic spine. However, it can also occur in the cervical and lumbar spines. Kyphosis treatment varies depending on where it occurs in the spine and how severe it is. When the curves on x-rays measure more than 60° to 70° degrees and create severe pain, digestion, or breathing problems, surgery is frequently advised. Patients whose kyphosis causes compression of the spinal cord…
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    What is the Treatment option available for Kyphosis? Nonsurgical therapies for postural kyphosis may be recommended by doctors. If the curve is less than 75 degrees, nonsurgical methods can also help Scheuermann’s kyphosis. There are several options of treatment for kyphosis available, including: Monitoring the curve: Regular X-rays during the…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How successful is kyphosis surgery?

    A: The major goal is to restore the injured vertebrae to their natural height, stop the kyphosis from progressing, stable the bone, and relieve discomfort. Both vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty are effective in reducing the pain of fractured vertebrae in roughly 80% to 90% of cases.

    Q: Can you fix kyphosis without surgery?

    A: In truth, postural kyphosis can be readily remedied with good posture education and retraining on how to sit and stand properly. Casting, bracing, and exercise are not required for treatment. Strengthening the back muscles, on the other hand, can aid inappropriate posture.

    Q: What is the best treatment for kyphosis?

    A: The treatment for kyphosis entails correcting the curvature, strengthening the bones as needed, and relieving any pain. Over-the-counter drugs comprising acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium are usually enough to keep minor kyphosis-related back pain at bay.

    Q: What is kyphosis surgery?

    A: The following are some of the most common kyphosis surgeries: An osteotomy is a procedure in which bone is sliced to fix angular abnormalities. The ends of the bones are straightened and left to recover. An osteotomy may be used with spinal instrumentation and fusion to stabilize the spine during recovery.

    Q: Is kyphosis reversible?

    A: Slouching is the most common cause of postural kyphosis, which is one of the most common conditions. Exercise and better posture can help to reverse this condition. Many occurrences of kyphosis in adults are caused by osteoporosis.


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