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Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost in India
Limb lengthening surgery is a technique that seeks to rectify the patient’s legs and arms, including the humerus, radius/ulna, femur, tibia, and metatarsals, which are all of uneven length or size. Certain congenital anomalies, cerebral palsy, bone injury, poliomyelitis, and other conditions might cause one leg to be abnormally short in comparison to the other. Patients between the ages of 18 and 25, when their bones have reached their full capacity, are more likely to undergo surgery. Adults with a leg length difference of at least two centimeters can also undergo the operation. Limb lengthening surgery is a long-term procedure…
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    Limb Lengthening Surgery in India Before limb lengthening Before traveling to India for limb lengthening surgery, patients must follow a few guidelines. These are some of them: At least one month prior to the surgery, refrain from drinking and smoking. Avoid using recreational drugs such as cocaine. Avoid taking any…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you walk normally after limb lengthening surgery?

    A: You’ll need to help your child get around with crutches, a walker, or a wheelchair for roughly 6–8 weeks after surgery, as directed by your care team. During this period, your youngster should not put any weight on the leg with the internal lengthening device.

    Q: Is leg lengthening surgery risky?

    A: Infection, fast or delayed bone healing, stiffness, and edoema are among potential consequences of limb lengthening and repair. Before your kid leaves the hospital, you will be taught how to clean and manage your child’s pin and wire sites to reduce the risk of infection.

    Q: Can I increase my height by surgery?

    A: Leg-lengthening surgery is available in over a twelve nations, with some patients gaining up to five inches in height (13cm). While it’s difficult to determine how many individuals have it done each year, clinics say it’s becoming more popular.

    Q: Does leg lengthening surgery leave scars?

    A: Because most procedures only need tiny incisions, scarring is usually minimal. Although pins and stiffness in the joints can cause minor issues, major complications following limb lengthening surgery are uncommon.

    Q: How old do you have to be to get limb Lengthening surgery?

    A: Limb-lengthening surgery is more common in young adults between the ages of 18 and 25, when bone growth is at its peak. The surgery may, however, be performed on older adults in exceptional circumstances. A doctor will usually propose leg-shortening or leg-restriction surgery if a person’s bones have stopped growing.


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