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Thalassemia Treatment Cost In India
Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder that impairs the production of hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells in the body. Alpha and beta thalassemia are two types. Thalassemia is genetically transmitted, which means that at least one of your parents must be a carrier. It is caused by a genetic mutation or the loss of specific gene segments. Thalassemia can induce anemia and fatigue-like symptoms that range from mild to severe.  The treatment for thalassemia frequently involves a bone marrow transplantation, thus the prices are very significant; however, India is one of the most affordable countries for medical procedures. The…
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    How the Diagnosis of Thalassemia is Done? Thalassemia is diagnosed with a blood test. The blood count allows you to evaluate the shape and number of red blood cells, as well as the overall amount of hemoglobin. The biochemical study of hemoglobin allows for the differentiation of alpha-thalassemia from beta-thalassemia.…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can you tell me the rough estimate of the price for the treatment of Thalassemia in India?

    A: Expect the price for thalassemia treatment in India to be a litter higher because it involves a bone marrow transplant. But if you are an international tourist coming for the treatment from overseas, then you will get the good value of your dollars or euro. Your cost treatment would be starting @ 22000 USD and extends up to 25000 USD.


    Q: What are the factors affecting the cost of the treatment?

    A: From the standard of the hospital to the team of the doctors you select, the treatment cost depends upon the package you select, the number of travelers you are coming to India, and for how many days you would have to stay in India for the treatment.


    Q: Who to consult for the thalassemia treatment?

    A: Consult a hematologist, or you could visit the general physician. On the flip side, there are cases when one must have to examine themselves under the supervision of a cardiologist, endocrinologist, and even gastroenterologists too!


    Q: What if a person is suffering from Thalassemia? Can he lead a normal life?

    A: Of course, you can do that too, with normal life survival. But if you have a condition where your heart is affected due to beta-thalassemia, the condition may turn worse. So, it’s advisable to consult the physician.


    Q: Is thalassemia disease passed on by parents to their kids?

    A: YES! Thalassemia is an intrinsic disease, and it could pass onto your children too. So, consult a dedicated specialist.


    Q: What is a thalassemia bearer?

    A: Patients experiencing Thalassemia do convey Thalassemia but generally don’t encounter any recognized medical issues except iron deficiency. Contingent on the absence of the type of whichever beta-protein, the patient may have either alpha thalassemia or beta-thalassemia.


    Q: Should I consider thalassemia disease lethal?

    A: Well, if you have thalassemia minor, then it’s not a death-dealing. But if you have thalassemia major, your chances of survival decrease if you don’t undergo proficient medical treatment.


    Q: How curable Thalassemia is?

    A: Patients with extreme Thalassemia rely upon blood transfusions. A bone marrow transplant can be beneficial to fix Thalassemia, but the greater part of the occasions, it gets difficult to discover compatible donors.


    Q: How is the common Thalassemia?

    A: If we talk about worldwide statistics, beta-thalassemia is widely common. Every ear, thousands of infants are born with this disorder or disease.


    Q: When is the ideal time to go for the testing of Thalassemia?

    A: You must go to the doctor and consult if you are planning for a baby or your wife or you are at the initial stage of pregnancy.


    Q: Are there any specific documents I need to carry during my medical treatment to India?

    A: YES! Bookmark your copy of the medical file from the concerned doctor or hostile in India, which includes the patient’s information or hospital information. Also, blood tests, other health problems, prescriptions, and contact of the hospital or doctor is concerned, and you must carry those documents too!


    Q: Does India offer a visa on arrival for the treatment?

    A: Congrats yourself and consider yourself lucky if you are a citizen of the following countries – Japan, Cambodia, Finland, Indonesia, Philippines, Luxembourg, Myanmar, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives can come to India for the treatment without the hassle of the visa problem up to 90 days!


    Q: What are the requisite essentials for a clinical visa to India?

    A: Keep a substantial identification like a Passport and visa and the proof of medical treatment papers of the hospitals in India. You can apply for a medical visa to India. Up to 2 specialists who are blood family members can go with the patient under orderly independent visas.

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