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Heart Double Valve Replacement Cost in India
Heart valve repair is an open procedure on the heart. In double valve replacement, both the mitral and the aortic valve, or the entire left side of the heart, are replaced. A surgeon fixes or replaces the damaged or diseased heart valve or valves during heart valve surgery. Heart valves can be repaired or replaced using a variety of surgical techniques, including open-heart surgery and minimally-invasive heart surgery. The cost of care varies from case to case and a specialist examination is recommended to assess the appropriate treatment procedure/approach. The cost & quality of care, including the treatment process, the…
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    What is the procedure for Heart Double Valve Replacement A hospital stay is required for heart valve repair or replacement surgery. Procedures may differ depending on your situation and the practices of your healthcare providers. Before the Procedure: This is how open-heart valve repair or replacement generally goes: You will…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How long does it take to replace 2 heart valves?

    A: Depending on the number of valves that need to be repaired or replaced, the surgery will take at least two hours or longer. You’ll be in a recovery room or an intensive care unit when you wake up (ICU). You’ll spend roughly a week in the hospital.

    Q: How risky is a double heart valve replacement?

    A: Aortic valve replacement is a serious procedure with potentially catastrophic complications. The chance of dying as a result of the procedure is estimated to be 2% overall. However, this risk is much smaller than the risk of not treating severe aortic disease.

    Q: What are the disadvantages of heart valve replacement?

    A: Repairing or replacing a heart valve carries a number of risks:

    • Damage to the blood vessels or bleeding during or after therapy.
    • Heart attacks, strokes, and lung issues can all be caused by blood clots.
    • Infection at the location of the incision.
    • Endocarditis (infection of the new valve), which is more frequent after valve replacement.
    • Pneumonia.
    • Breathing difficulties.

    Q: Which heart valve is the strongest?

    A: The left ventricle is your heart’s largest and most powerful chamber. Although the chamber walls of the left ventricle are just about a half-inch thick, they are strong enough to drive blood through the aortic valve and into your body.

    Q: What is the most common complication after open-heart surgery?

    A: Infection of the chest wound (particularly likely in obese or diabetic patients or those who have previously had a CABG) Stroke or heart attack heartbeat irregularity The collapse of the lungs or the kidneys


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