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Meningioma Surgery Cost in India
A meningioma is a tumor found inside the skull on the membranes that protect the brain and spinal cord. These tumors usually originate on any of the three layers of the protective membrane. Meninges are a term used to describe these membranes. The tumor can either be cancerous or non-cancerous. On the other hand, 90% of tumors, grow slowly. As a result, early detection may be difficult. Some meningiomas, however, are cancerous and can multiply. The rapid increase in the number of affected cells means it can spread to other parts of the body besides the central nervous system. Meningioma…
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How Meningioma Surgery is Performed? When it comes to aggressive or symptomatic conditions, meningioma surgery in India is usually the most effective treatment option. A craniotomy is a surgical procedure that entails opening the skull to remove a tumor. To access the afflicted area, an incision is created in the…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How effective is meningioma surgery?

A: The majority of meningiomas are benign, and once the tumor has been removed, individuals are usually considered surgically cured. Patients have a high rate of survival after surgery, with 5-year survival reaching 80% and 10- and 15-year survival also over 70%.

Q: How long does meningioma surgery take to recover from?

A: You will be restricted in your activities to allow your body to recover and mend following your surgery. Some patients can return to work as soon as 2-4 weeks after surgery, while others would require a 6-12 week recuperation period.

Q: Is craniotomy a dangerous procedure?

A: craniotomy is a type of brain surgery in which bone from the skull is temporarily removed to allow for brain repairs. It is a highly rigorous surgery with specific hazards, making it a serious procedure.

Q: Is your head shaved before brain surgery?

A:If you’re having a pituitary tumor surgically removed through the nose, you won’t need to shave your head. Your surgeon may just need to shave a little area at the back of your head for tumors in the brainstem or back region of the brain (cerebellum).

Q: How long can you walk after the brain surgery?

A: For the first four weeks after surgery, avoid strenuous exertion. You can walk to get some exercise. You can gradually resume your usual exercise regimen four weeks after surgery. A headache or tiredness is an indication that you are trying to do too much too fast.


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