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Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Cost In India
Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Cost in India depends on the patient’s medical history, overall health, and the type of treatment opted for. The cost of deep brain stimulation surgery ranges from 15,000 USD to 27,000 USD. The total stay in India is approximately 25-40 days. What is Parkinson’s Disease? Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder characterized by involuntary movements. An individual does not realize its impact in the beginning, but slowly it starts affecting the whole body. It mostly hits people above 60 years of age.  How to Test Yourself for Parkinson’s Disease: Primary and Secondary Symptoms? Parkinson’s disease begins…
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    Parkinson’s Disease: Diagnosis and Tests No specific test exists to diagnose Parkinson’s disease. A neurologist who specializes in diagnosing neurological disorders diagnoses Parkinson’s disease based on your signs & symptoms, a thorough neurological & physical examination, and medical history.  The doctor may also recommend blood tests to check what’s the…
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    The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

    How Much Does Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Cost in India?

    The cost of Parkinson’s disease treatment in India varies from 7000-9900 USD considering the number of travelers, type of treatment opted, total stay in India and more.

    How Much Does Deep Brain Stimulation Cost in India?

    The cost of deep brain stimulation surgery in India is around 15,000-27,000 USD.

    What Foods Should Parkinson’s Patients Avoid?

    Processed foods including canned fruits & vegetables, dairy products, low-fat milk, foods high in cholesterol, and saturated fat should be completely avoided.

    What Worsens Parkinson’s Disease?

    Stress and anxiety. Tremors worsen when a person is under stress or anxiety. All symptoms of Parkinson’s disease particularly tremors become less responsive to medications when the disease reaches stage II.

    When Do the Results Become Visible Once the Treatment Begins?

    It varies from person to person. However, the condition starts improving within one to three months. In some cases, patients take around nine months for improvement in their health condition. 

    What Factors Are Responsible for Causing Parkinson’s Disease?

    Exposure to environmental toxins, age, gender, genetics, traumatic head injury, active or passive smoking, medications, and other drugs maybe some of the factors responsible for the cause of Parkinson’s disease.

    What Is the Best Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease?

    A medication called levodopa is quite effective for Parkinson’s patients which is absorbed by the nerve cells (neurons) in your brain and converted into dopamine that transmits messages between parts of the brain and nerves responsible for control movements. 

    What Documents Do I Need to Carry While Traveling for Medical Treatment to India?

    You need to carry all updated medical reports including blood reports, health problems, prescriptions, and tests reports. The doctor’s contacts must be there as well.

    What Are the Legal Requirements for a Medical Visa to India?

    You need to carry a valid passport and visa mentioning medical treatment from a recognized hospital in India. Two blood relatives can join along under separate attendant visas

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