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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Cost in India
ACL reconstruction is a surgical procedure that replaces a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), a major ligament in your knee. ACL injuries are most common in sports that require quick pauses and changes of direction, such as soccer, football, basketball, and volleyball. The cost of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction surgery in India is one-sixth of what it would be in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Thailand. ACL reconstruction surgery in India is determined by the type of procedure, surgeon, and facility where the surgery is performed. To ensure the best possible treatment plan, a pre-evaluation is performed…
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How ACL Reconstruction Surgery is Performed? Before the Procedure You’ll most likely have several weeks of physical therapy before your surgery. Prior to surgery, the goal is to reduce pain and swelling, restore the full range of motion in your knee, and strengthen muscles. Patients who went into surgery with…
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The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the standard expense of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India?

A: Get ready to pay around $3500 to $4500 for the ACL Surgery. In any case, this expense is liable to change and altogether relies upon the nature of the medical clinic, patient emergency, and ICU unit charges you select.

Q: What causes ACL Rupture?

A: It’s the most widely recognized tendon injury that happens in the knee of the individual who plays sports. It happens when you find a workable pace the high-power physical action that requires knee pressure.

Q: Do all the ACL tears require medical procedures?

Not all ACL Tears requests medical procedure. However, you have to go for the medical procedure if :

  • There’s a finished ACL tear
  • You’re a sportsperson and require knee solidarity to play
  • There’s a physical issue in the other piece of the knee
  • Went to physiotherapy and recovery without no improvement in torment and joint solidness

Q: How dangerous is the ACL Reconstruction medical procedure?

A: ACL Reconstruction surgery is totally safe. Be that as it may, the complexities may emerge like :

  • Diseases
  • Blood thickening in legs
  • Harm to different vessels, and nerves during a medical procedure
  • In certain patients, screws may cause the issue and require removal.
  • In a few, they might be an issue to join the ligament.

Q: What are the elements on which the completion of ACL Surgery depends?

A: The primary components influencing the completion of ACL Surgery to rely upon the determination of uniting, the arrangement of the join in the bone passage, and obsession of the join as likewise the postoperative recovery.

Q: To what extent would you be able to join sports after ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

A: Prepare to drop everything for 8 to a year alongside a thorough physical assessment to completely recoup and join your preferred sports.

Q: Is there any approach to forestall the ACL Injury?

A: Truly!! Perform fortifying activity that requests your knee muscle to make a move. Wear the best possible athletic equipment on the off chance that you play sports, which require pressure on knees while bouncing, or running.

Q: What’s the completion pace of ACL Reconstructive Surgery?

A: With around 90%+ completion rate, ACL Reconstructive Surgery is a normal medical procedure with a much higher achievement rate than some other medical procedures.

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