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Bone marrow cancer originates in the spongy tissue found inside the bone called the marrow. The white blood cells such as lymphocytes, plasma cells, and other tissues are influenced in this particular cancer.

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Since 1968, bone marrow transplantation has been used to treat diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas, aplastic anemia, immune deficiency syndromes, and various solid tumor cancers.

Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Cost in India is low compared to other countries such as America, Russia, and many more. The doctor’s expertise, together with the use of cutting-edge scientific methods at Indian institutes, are the key factors in the case’s success. Along with these advantages, one of the key elements enhancing India’s image overseas is its capacity to offer inexpensive dental Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India without sacrificing clinical standards.

What Is Bone Marrow

When cells in the marrow begin to grow improperly or at an accelerated rate, bone marrow cancer develops. Bone marrow cancer, often known as blood cancer, is cancer that begins in the bone marrow. Bone cancer is not the same as bone cancer.

Other cancers can spread to your bones and bone marrow, but they aren’t considered bone marrow cancer.

The stem cells in bone marrow evolve into a variety of blood cells, including:

  • The oxygen and carbon dioxide are carried throughout the body by red blood cells.
  • Infection-fighting white blood cells
  • Platelets, which aid in the coagulation of blood

What Is Bone Marrow Transplant

Patients with certain cancers or other disorders may benefit from a bone marrow transplant (BMT). A bone marrow transplant involves extracting cells from the donor’s bone marrow (stem cells), purifying them, and returning them to the donor (patient) or another person. BMT is utilized to transfuse healthy bone marrow cells into a patient after their own unhealthy bone marrow has been treated to remove the aberrant cells.

Classification of Bone Marrow Cancer

Bone marrow cancer is classified into the following:

  • Multiple Myeloma: The cells are influenced by this kind of bone marrow cancer. The uncontrollable development of cancerous plasma cells contributes to a decreased production of healthy ones resulting in the weakening of the bones.
  • Lymphomas: Originating in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, lymphomas prevent these cells to resist infection or prevent bleeding.
  • Leukemia: Leukemia doesn’t limit itself to the white blood cells only and can also affect the red blood cells.

What Are the Symptoms of Bone Marrow Cancer

Many persons with shows no sign or symptoms of bone marrow cancer. When you have multiple myeloma, you may have the following symptoms:

  • Anemia
  • Bone pain, susceptible to fractures
  • Infection
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
  • Numbness in the legs
  • Urination Problem
  • Extreme thirst
  • Loss of appetite
  • Kidney damage or kidney failure

Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Cost In India

Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment cost in India is comparatively low as compared with other countries even though India is one of the best medical tourism countries in the world. In terms of quality and standard, the level of medical care and services is comparable to that of the best hospitals in the world. Even after accounting for travel, hotel, and food expenses, Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Cost in India starts from 18,000 USD. 

As there are a number of variables that affect Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Cost in India, this includes the type of treatment, the method employed, as well as the hospital and location of choice, the doctor’s qualifications, and so on. For this reason alone, many people come from all over the world for medical care in India for a variety of reasons, such as the Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment cost in India being much lower compared to other countries which is by far the most important.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment 

Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment Cost In India can depend on the following factors:

  • The hospital, the patient chooses.
  • Standard single rooms, deluxe rooms, and super deluxe rooms for the given number of nights (including room charge, room service, nursing cost, and meals).
  • The type of leukemia treatment suggested by the hematologist.
  • Fee for the team of doctors.
  • Medicines
  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures.
  • Cost of the follow–up care required after the procedure.

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A doctor will review your medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination if you have signs or symptoms of bone marrow cancer.

Diagnosis of bone marrow cancer may include the following test, depending on the findings and your symptoms:

  1. Bone marrow aspiration: A sample of soft tissue is extracted from bones. It’s performed to check the creation of blood cells from the bone marrow.
  2. Bone marrow biopsy: A little parcel of marrow is expressed via bone marrow biopsy to check for abnormalities in the blood cells and the existence of any illness.
  3. Complete Blood Count: To check the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and degree of hemoglobin.
  4. Imaging Tests: Imaging evaluations like chest x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI Scan are conducted to check the spread of bone cancer within the body and its impacts on the other organs.
  5. Lumbar Puncture: Also called spinal tap, a lumbar puncture is done to extract the cerebrospinal fluid to check for the spread of this bone marrow cancer in the spine.

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Treatment Procedure For Bone Marrow Cancer

Treatment for bone marrow cancer is determined by a number of criteria, including the extent and type of disease, as well as the patient’s age and overall condition. A cancer care team will customize treatment to match the individual’s medical needs.

Following a diagnosis of bone marrow cancer, a doctor or oncologist will go over all of the treatment options with the patient. They might suggest particular therapies to get rid of cancer, prevent it from spreading, or reduce the symptoms so you can live more comfortably and enjoy your life.

Type of treatment therapies include:

  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is supplied to destroy the bone marrow cancer cells. The medications are provided either in the shape of pills or are supplied via intravenous channels.
  • Immunotherapy: Unlike chemotherapy, immunotherapy drugs improve the body’s immune system in order to fight cancer.
  • Targeted treatment: In concentrated therapy, the medication provided specifically targets and kill the cancer cells without damaging the other healthy cells.

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Success Rate

Relative survival data reveal how many people survived after receiving a cancer diagnosis in comparison to those who did not. When considering survival rates, keep in mind that they differ from individual to person.

These statistics indicate the long-term survival of patients who were diagnosed many years ago. Because treatment is rapidly improving, survival rates may be higher than these numbers suggest.

Some cancers of the bone marrow are far more aggressive than others. In general, the sooner a doctor diagnoses cancer, the higher your odds of surviving it are. Your prognosis is determined by characteristics specific to you, such as your overall health, age, and treatment response.

Your doctor will be able to give you additional information.

Why Do Individuals Prefer to Have Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India

The country has some of the best medical care facilities and services in Asia, making medical tourism in India very popular. The best Hospitals for Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India provide all types of disease-related surgeries using advanced technology. Also, the price for Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India is much more affordable as compared to other states or nations around the world. An international patient can expect to pay 50-60% less for Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India.

The best Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India provides comprehensive appropriate treatment, including comprehensive pre-operative evaluations, minimally invasive surgical options, and post-operative rehabilitation programs. Patients can expect personalized treatment, individualized attention, and compassionate care at these medical facilities. The hospitals are accredited by top international organizations such as the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) or the Joint Commission International (JCI).

What to Look for When Choosing a Hospital For Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India

Indian hospitals that perform surgery for BMT are well-known for their hospitality and patient care services providing the finest transplant hospital and surgeons in India. However, choosing a suitable hospital for treating Bone Marrow Cancer Treatment in India can be difficult for an international patient. It is a significant decision that must be made with several factors in mind, including:

  • Quality certificates and accreditations
  • Hospital and transportation facility location
  • Team of doctors and surgeons
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • International patient assistance

How Can Medsurge India Help

Medsurge India is a prestigious support system for patients looking for doctors, hospitals, and specialized treatments. Our staff will provide you with a list of licensed, renowned, and trustworthy physicians and medical facilities in relation to your medical needs. Additionally, we offer a treatment strategy that fits your budget. Apart, we assist patients with obtaining travel authorizations, medical visas, and a multitude of other things.

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Different Types of Bone Marrow Cancer?

A: There are two kinds of bone marrow cancer: primary and secondary. The principal bone marrow cancer would be the one where the bone marrow cells are cancerous themselves. Whereas, bone marrow cancer happens on account of the spread of some other cancer in almost any other organ of the human body.

Q: What Are the Different Types of Bone Marrow Cancer?

A: If bone marrow cancer is discovered and handled in an early phase then the restoration is advantageous. But a life risk sustains even following its treatment.

Q: What Factors Does the Prognosis of Bone Marrow Cancer Depend On?

A: The prognosis of bone marrow cancer depends on the listed factors below:

  • Patient’s age
  • Severity and stage of bone marrow cancer
  • The general health of the patient
  • Nature of treatment the patient received

Q: How Long Do You Stay in the Hospital with a Bone Marrow Transplant?

A: If you are having an autologous stem cell transplant, you will be in the hospital for about 3 weeks, and if you are having an allogeneic stem cell transplant, you will be in the hospital for about 4 weeks.

Q: Is Bone Marrow Extraction Painful?

A: Bone marrow aspiration, in particular, can produce significant pain with a local anesthetic. For further pain relief, many people choose light sedation. If you’re worried about pain, an IV medication may be administered to you so that you’re entirely or partially sedated throughout the bone marrow examination.

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