Pituitary Tumor Treatment Cost in India

Pituitary Tumor Treatment Cost in India

  • Pituitary Gland Tumor Treatment Cost in India ranges between USD 6300 to USD 7300.
  • The hospital stay is of 4 days and seven days beyond the hospital.
  • Based on the size and location of the tumor, a method employed for elimination, the success rate is greater than 95 percent. There might be a marginally lower rate of success in open operations when compared with nominal invasive ones.
  • Tests necessary to ascertain Pituitary Tumor are Vision evaluations, Blood and Urine tests, Computerized Tomography (CT) scan, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Types of Pituitary Tumors

  • Pituitary Microadenoma — smaller than 1 cm
  • Pituitary Macroadenoma — larger than 1 cm
  • Symptomatic adrenal gland — those patients see the doctor with displaying symptoms.
  • The asymptomatic adrenal gland is usually discovered incidentally on imaging and doesn’t demand any competitive therapy except for sequential imaging.
  • Functional Pituitary tumors — inducing abnormal hormone production, these hormones regulate metabolism, development, sexual, and other physiological functions.
  • Non -practical Pituitary tumors — usually recognized when they get big in dimension and media surrounding structures.

Symptoms of Pituitary Tumor

Many times Pituitary tumors are asymptomatic and seen in scans done for some other disease condition.

Symptoms when present mostly is:

Hormonal problems due to over or underproduction of hormones

Symptoms due to Overproduction of hormones

  • Prolactin-excess Manufacturing stimulates lactation Resulting in Release from Breast Feeding, oligomenorrhoea or amenorrhoea Lack of menses, There Might Be fertility Issues
  • Increased growth hormone production Resulting in Gigantism in Children and Acromegaly in adults
  • ACTH producing tumors Generating excess cortisol Resulting in Cushing’s syndrome along with weight gain, stretch marks around the Stomach, Higher blood Glucose, Higher blood pressure, hirsutism
  • Increased TSH –Contributing to Stress, irritability, Quick Heartbeat, weight Reduction, increased Perspiration

Symptoms due to underproduction of hormones

  • Less production of growth hormone –causes late growth in children, poor strength of bones and muscles
  • Low TSH causes fatigue, lethargy, cold extremities, weight gain There may be lack of energy, general low feeling
  • Changes in vision or Visual loss- when the tumor grows upwards and presses optic nerves, there will be visual changes, the patient will be able to see central and not peripheral, or double vision, etc
  • Headaches

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Tests and Diagnosis for Pituitary Tumor

Many times asymptomatic and only found on imaging.

Occasionally Pituitary tumors are recognized when the patient presents with symptoms that make the physician defendant and consult with:

  • Complete medical history and physical examination, visual field research when tumor pressing on the optic nerve
  • blood tests to test for hormone levels.
  • Imaging evaluations –X rays, MRI scans to check the scope that the tumor has increased, CT scans

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Pituitary Tumor Treatment Cost in India

USD 6,200

(Indian Rupees approx. 4,46,000 )



Treatment for Pituitary Tumor

Pituitary tumors are usually curable, mainly these are benign tumors Hence no metastasis.

The treatment program chose jointly by a group of the neurosurgeon, endocrinologists, doctors, an oncologist in consultation with the patient.

The treatment goal  is providing  relief of presenting  symptoms:

  • Few cases require only monitoring and regular endocrine screening,
  • Few cases can be treated by medication only,
  • Few may require surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of the above.

Surgery, when required, can be:

Traditional surgery (craniotomy) — cutting open the skull, raising the brain, and following the tumor, operation necessitates hospitalization for around two months and a lengthy recovery period. The dangers are full of this kind of operation and are typically avoided.

Trans sphenoid surgery strategy — an endoscopic operation performed with the assistance of fibro optic scope introduced through the nose and sphenoid sinus to the brain, tumor split, and scooped through suction. This process is generally performed as is significantly less insecure and has quicker healing with just two days of operation required.

Aftercare or Follow up Treatment:

Blood tests and hormone markers, in addition to MRI scans, are completed a couple of days after surgery to assess whether the treatment was effective. Screening of these instances has to be preserved after the operation at regular intervals to assess and modify the treatment program.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Pituitary Macro Adenoma Treatment 

  • The hospital patient is opting for.
  • Room –Standard single room, deluxe room, super deluxe room for the number of nights specified (including nursing fee, meals, room rate, and room service).
  • Operating room, ICU
  • Fee for the team of doctors (Surgeons, Anesthetist, Physiotherapist, Dietician)
  • Medicines
  • Standard test and diagnostic procedures
  • Depending on the treatment options :
  1. Surgery
  2. Radiation therapy
The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of pituitary tumor treatment in India?

A: The adrenal gland therapy price in India is dependent upon the technique employed for elimination and the estimated price can fluctuate between 6500-7500 USD. The several different factors affecting the price of treatment comprises hospital choice, physician’s fees, diagnostic evaluations, number of travelers, etc.


Q: What is the anatomy and function of the pituitary gland?

A: Pituitary Gland is an adrenal receptor located at the base of the brain, it’s also known as the “master gland” since it modulates the generation of multiple hormones specifically ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone ), GH (Growth hormone), Prolactin, TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone) and FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone).


Q: What are Prolactinomas?

A: These are tumors inducing increased prolactin level easing generation of breast milk, thereby causing milky discharge, puberty, generally they’re treated with drugs.


Q: What is Cushing’s Syndrome?

A: It’s a disease condition brought on by elevated levels of cortisol secreted by ACTH symptoms of that can be moon face, buffalo hump, easy bruising, stretch marks on the abdomen, excessive hair growth and menstrual irregularities. Ordinarily, these symptoms need aggressive therapy.


Q: What are the risks associated with pituitary tumor surgery?

A: Usually safe surgery but there may be complications like:

  • Cerebrospinal fluid leak
  • Meningitis
  • Pituitary failure


Q: In which cases is pituitary tumor treatment/surgery not required?

A: The pituitary tumor is not required to be treated when it’s not large, not causing any symptoms does not secrete any hormone, and is small and incidentally found on an imaging scan.


Q: When is pituitary tumor surgery required?

A: Surgery is needed as in the event of macroadenoma that’s growing quickly and pressing other construction such as optic nerve generating symptoms.


Q: What is the duration of hospital stay for pituitary surgery?

A: Usually for Transsphenoidal surgery 1 day in ICU and 2 days hospitalization.


Q: Is the pain after surgery intense?

A: There’s minimal pain following an operation that could be controlled using painkillers and generally solved in a week of operation.


Q: What is the risk of damaging the normal gland during surgery?

A: Much like each operation there could be a danger but that is minimal with the seasoned surgeon and modern practices. The danger increases with the tumor.


Q: Will there be any breathing problems faced after trans sphenoidal surgery through the nose?

A: Yes your nose will feel filled after trans sphenoidal operation, it is going to take 6-8 weeks to have regular breathing through your nose.


Q: What are the restrictions after the surgery?

A: Patients have to take it effortlessly for many weeks following the operation. Patients are largely counseled not to lift anything heavy or strain for at least 4 months after the operation.


Q: Is there a risk of pituitary tumors being cancerous?

A: Roughly 99 percent of adrenal glands also known as adenomas are benign, and there are minimal chances of it being cancerous or metastasis.

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