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The head of the pancreas, the first section of the small intestine (duodenum), the gallbladder, and the bile duct are all removed during Whipple surgery in India. This surgery is carried out by a surgical gastroenterologist. Surgical oncologists can also assist with this type of surgery if required. People whose pancreas, duodenum, or bile duct are affected by cancer or another disease may benefit from a Whipple procedure. It can be done in three ways: open surgery, laparoscopic surgery, or robotic-assisted surgery, which is less invasive and results in less blood loss and a faster recovery time. Whipple Surgery in India takes roughly four hours to complete since it involves the removal of multiple organs.

Whipple Surgery cost in India is quite affordable compared to the price in the United States and the United Kingdom. Several factors influence the cost, including your medical condition, the surgeon’s experience, and the type of hospital you choose. Whipple Surgery has a five-year survival rate of roughly 20-25% because cancerous cells may remain inside even after the tumor has been completely removed.

What Is Whipple Surgery

Whipple surgery is the most common surgical procedure for pancreatic cancer that has spread to the gland’s tip (also known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy). The pancreatic head, the majority of the duodenum (a section of the small intestine), a segment of the bile duct, the gallbladder, and corresponding lymph nodes are all removed during this treatment. The pancreatic core, the entire duodenum, and a part of the stomach may be removed in rare circumstances. The Whipple procedure takes around six hours to perform, and most patients spend one to two weeks in the hospital afterward.

Pancreatic cancers are difficult to detect because they do not have any obvious symptoms. As a result, when individuals are diagnosed with this disease, they are usually in the advanced stages of this fatal disease. Only 5% of patients live for more than a year after being diagnosed. A successful Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer, on the other hand, can increase the survival rate and even serve as a cure for this condition.

What Type of Whipple’s Surgery Are Available in India

The Whipple surgical procedure can be performed in three different ways:

  • Open Surgery: The surgeon makes an incision in the abdomen to access the pancreas in an open procedure. Open surgery is the most commonly performed and most extensively studied version of Whipple surgery.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: The Whipple procedure is performed via laparoscopic surgery, which is a less invasive version of the Whipple procedure. Special instruments are inserted through a small incision in the abdomen. These little devices have a camera that sends videos to a monitor so the surgeon can see what’s going on during the surgery.
  • Robotic Surgery: Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the insertion of surgical tools coupled to a robot into small incisions in the abdomen. The surgeon examines the organs via television and operates the robotic arms from a console. The advantage of this type of surgery is that the small robotic arms can access regions and make small modifications that human hands cannot.

While minimally invasive surgical procedures have a lower risk of blood loss and infection, as well as a faster recovery period, they also have certain disadvantages.

Both laparoscopic and robotic procedures take longer than open surgeries, which are more stressful on the body. There’s also the possibility that difficulties will arise during a minimally invasive procedure, forcing the surgeon to switch to open surgery to complete the procedure.

Whipple Surgery Cost in India

Whipple Surgery Cost in India starts from Rs. 4,15,000 (5000 USD). Whipple Surgery in India is comparatively low as compared with other countries even though India is one of the best medical tourism countries in the world. In terms of quality and standard, the level of medical care and services is comparable to that of the best hospitals in the world. Even after accounting for travel, hotel, and food expenses.

Starting Cost

Rs. 4,15,000 (5000 USD)

Average Cost

Rs. 5,25,000 (6300 USD)

Maximum Cost

Rs. 7,00,000 (8400 USD)

Whipple Surgery Cost in Different Cities in India:

CitiesStarting Price

Rs. 4,23,000 (5100 USD)


Rs. 4,15,000 (5000 USD)


Rs. 3,90,000 (4700 USD)


Rs. 4,23,000 (5100 USD)


Rs. 4,00,000 (4800 USD)


Rs. 4,15,000 (5000 USD)


Rs. 4,00,000 (4800 USD)


Rs. 4,23,000 (5100 USD)

Note: Please be aware that the costs listed above are only an indication of what the treatment will cost initially and may change depending on a number of variables. 

Factors That Can Affect Whipple Surgery Cost in India

The standard and excellence of medical treatment and amenities are comparable to those of the most prominent healthcare facilities in the world, even after deducting the cost of lodging, meals, and transportation. Following here are some variables that can affect Whipple Surgery Cost in India:

  • Medication costs.
  • Duration of treatment.
  • Geographical location.
  • Hospitalization expenses.
  • Government policies and subsidies.
  • Medical tourism packages.
  • Hospital reputation and infrastructure.
  • The expertise and experience of medical professionals.
  • The type and frequency of diagnostic procedures.
  • The choice of treatment modality.

Under the direction of the most skilled physicians, Medsurge India provides the most economical Whipple Surgery Cost in India for patients.

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How an Individual is Prepared for Whipple Surgery

You must ensure that your team doctors are aware of key details prior to surgery, such as:

  • Discuss any allergies you would have to medications, latex, anesthesia, or other medical treatments, as well as any adverse reactions you have experienced.
  • All drugs, including supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications, should be disclosed to the team. Prior to surgery, your doctor will inform you which medications you can keep and which you should stop using.
  • Before your surgery, talk to your doctor about when you should stop eating and drinking. In the majority of cases, the doctor will advise against eating or drinking after midnight.

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How the Procedure of Whipple Surgery Is Performed

Before Surgery

  • You should arrive at your surgical center at least two hours before your scheduled procedure time on the morning of your procedure. This will allow you to fill out all necessary paperwork.
  • After that, you will be asked to change into a surgical gown, and an intravenous line (IV) will be put into a vein in your arm, allowing the team to easily administer medication.
  • While you wait for the treatment, you may be given medication to help you relax, and in many cases, an epidural or spinal injection may be administered to block nerve signals to the abdomen wall. This will reduce the pain you feel after the treatment.

During the Surgery

  • During your Whipple surgery in India, a surgical team will collaborate to complete your procedure. Pancreatic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and surgical nurses will be part of the team.
  • A catheter will be inserted after the anesthesiologist has put you to sleep to drain urine while you are sleeping. During the surgery, additional IV lines and monitors will be inserted to monitor and maintain your condition throughout the procedure.
  • Depending on the type of surgery you are having, the treatment can take anywhere from four to twelve hours to complete. To obtain access to the internal organs, the surgeon will create an incision in the abdomen.
  • The size and placement of your incision will be determined by your specific situation and the type of surgery you are undergoing.
  • The head of the pancreatic, the duodenum, the bile duct, and the gallbladder will all be removed once the surgeons have gained access to the organs. A piece of the surrounding lymph nodes and stomach may also be removed in some circumstances.
  • Following the removal of all essential tissue, the surgeon will reconnect the pancreas, intestines, and stomach so that your body can digest food regularly.

After the Surgery

  • You will be admitted to the surgical unit after the Whipple procedure to recover. Your medical team will keep a close eye on you for any signs of complications.
  • They will gradually increase your diet in order to boost your food tolerance. Shortly after waking up, you should begin standing and walking.
  • This can help you recover from anesthesia faster by ensuring good circulation and breathing. Most patients spend a week in the hospital before being released to return home.
  • Most patients return home after being released from the hospital to complete their recovery. If your medical team has concerns, you may be asked to stay near the hospital for a few days for follow-up.
  • Patients in their old years or those with serious health problems may need to spend some time at a rehabilitation center before returning home. After returning home, you should be able to resume your regular activities in about six weeks.

Your medical team will conduct several tests, including blood tests and imaging tests, before scheduling the Whipple procedure. This testing will ensure that the Whipple procedure is the best option for your case.

They will also look at your overall health to make sure you are in good enough shape to have the procedure. In some situations, your doctor may order additional tests or advise you to improve your overall health in order to reduce the risk of complications after surgery.

Losing weight and quitting smoking are two of the suggested adjustments. When Whipple surgery is used to treat cancer, it is common to get radiation and chemotherapy before the procedure. Recovery takes about 4-5 weeks, and your prospects of long-term survival following a Whipple treatment are dependent on your specific circumstances. The Whipple procedure is the sole recognized treatment for most pancreatic tumors and cancers.

How to Choose a Hospital For Whipple Surgery In India

Hospitals that perform Whipple Surgery in India are well-known for their hospitality and patient care services providing the finest treatment hospital and surgeons in India. However, choosing a suitable hospital for treatment can be difficult for an international patient. It is a significant decision that must be made with several factors in mind, including:

  • Quality certificates and accreditations
  • Hospital and transportation facility location
  • Team of doctors and surgeons
  • Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment
  • International patient assistance

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Certainly, India is a popular destination for those seeking surgery and medical procedures. Whipple Surgery in India is typically a fraction of the cost of a comparable procedure and consideration in the United States and other developed countries. In any case, the cost may vary depending on the type of medical procedure, the use of inserts, and the patient’s other conditions. As a result, the final charges for Whipple Surgery in India given to patients are entirely based on their clinical reports, as well as the patient’s current condition, type of medical procedure, type of room, the specialist’s skill, and hospital brand.

The best hospitals for Whipple Surgery in India provide comprehensive appropriate treatment, including comprehensive pre-operative evaluations, minimally invasive surgical options, and post-operative rehabilitation programs. At these medical facilities, patients may anticipate personalized care, individualized attention, and compassionate treatment. Leading international agencies like the Joint Commission International (JCI) or the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) have accredited the hospitals.

How Can Medsurge India Help

Medsurge India is a prestigious support system for patients looking for doctors, hospitals, and specialized treatments. Our staff will provide you with a list of licensed, renowned, and trustworthy physicians and medical facilities in relation to your medical needs. Likewise, we provide a cost-effective treatment plan. Apart, we assist patients with obtaining travel authorizations, medical visas, and a multitude of other things.

The Most Important Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Whipple Surgery a High-Risk Procedure?

A: Whipple surgery is a difficult procedure that carries a high risk of serious consequences. The procedure and associated consequences require a great deal of skill and experience.

Q: What Is the Purpose of Whipple Surgery?

A: The head of the pancreas, the first section of the small intestine (duodenum), the gallbladder, and the bile duct are all removed during a Whipple procedure, also known as a pancreaticoduodenectomy. Tumors and other problems of the pancreas, intestine, and bile duct are treated with the Whipple procedure.

Q: What Are the Consequences of Whipple Surgery in the Long Run?

A: Whipple procedure, on the other hand, is a highly complex technique that frequently results in significant modifications to the digestive tract. This can have major long-term consequences, such as abdominal pain, weight loss, digestive issues, and chronic fatigue.

Q: Is Chemo Required Following Whipple Surgery?

A: The following surgery to remove cancer (such as the Whipple’s procedure), you should be prescribed chemotherapy to try to reduce the chances of the cancer returning. There are three types of chemotherapy that may be used: FOLFIRINOX. gemcitabine with capecitabine (GemCap).

Q: How Long Do You Expect to Be in the Hospital Following Whipple Surgery?

A: After a Whipple procedure, most people stay in the hospital for 6 days. You’ll meet one of the nurses who will look after you while you’re in the hospital when you’re taken to your room. Your nurse will assist you in getting out of bed and into your chair as soon as you arrive in your room.

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